Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology

Our medical oncology team is highly qualified and skilled in customizing chemotherapy programmes to suit individual patient needs.

The drugs are chosen with utmost care based on a number of parameters to provide the best possible outcomes. Chemotherapy is available as a short stay inpatient service. 

Supporting you through the process.

Chemotherapy may cause a lot of discomfort for patients as the powerful drugs act on cancers.

We have a dedicated team of specially trained nursing staff to care for you and hand hold you through the process. Strict infection control in the chemotherapy ward helps you overcome the effects of the treatment without any complications.

We in the Department of medical oncology treat cancer patients with chemotherapy or targeted therapy. Chemotherapy means treating cancer with drugs which kill the cancer cells. In our hospital we offer all the latest and sophisticated medicines. We mix Chemotherapy Drug at a separately designated area, under laminar air flow, and every care and precautions are being taken to ensure patient & staff safety and to prevent health hazards. We also adhere to standard pre and post chemotherapy medication protocols in patients undergoing chemotherapy to ensure smooth transition to normalcy

Apart from chemotherapeutic drugs we also have expertise to use agents which are selective to cancer cells without disturbing normal cells. They are called biological agents and the treatment is called targeted therapy.

We use chemotherapy or targeted therapy in the following conditions.

Treatment is offered for the following cancers