Day Care Services (Dialysis)

Day Care Services (Dialysis)

Dialysis is a Day Care Service. It is advised for patients with end stage kidney failure with a loss of nearly 90% of kidney function, or for patients whose kidneys require time to recover.

Dialysis is a procedure which cleans the blood of waste and excess water when kidneys are unable to perform their duties.

In addition to removing waste and extra water from the blood, dialysis helps maintain safe levels of potassium, sodium and other chemicals in the blood and controls blood pressure.


This is a procedure in which blood is passed through a dialysis machine to remove the waste and excess water. This is accomplished by making an access into the blood vessels in the arm or leg through a minor surgery. Haemodialysis generally lasts for 4 hours and is done about 3 times a week.

NG Dialysis centre offers a soothing environment for dialysis. Skilled technicians and helpful nurses ensure that you are comfortable throughout the procedure.