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Physiotherapy Hospital in Coimbatore.

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre at NG Multi Specility is one of the best physiotherapy clinic in Coimbatore that helps patients in remediation of impairments and disabilities, and the promotion of mobility, functional ability, quality of life and movement potential through examination, evaluation and physical intervention. The department is managed by specially Trained And Experienced Physiotherapists and is well equipped to handle all kinds of rehabilitation processes including conditions such as stroke, vestibular injuries, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy and post joint replacement rehabilitation. The department’s capabilities include special physiotherapy skills for Musculoskeletal, Cardio-Respiratory, Neurological, Geriatrics & Women’s Health Issues, and Sports & Hand Surgery physiotherapy to provide support for healthy and early mobility.

When most people think of physiotherapy or rehabilitation they think of disabilities. The truth is that because of our sedentary lifestyles, we are more prone to injury and experience muscle or joint pains -the kind of ailments that our teams of physiotherapists are so well geared to assist you with.

We at physiotherapy department help people affected by injury, illness, disability by coaching them with regards to movement and exercise and by providing them with manual therapy. We also offer invaluable health education and advice aimed at preventing further injury and foster a more healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

Our physiotherapy services offered to out-patients and extends to inpatients as well, with your health as our foremost priority we offer you a range of physiotherapy services to meet your every need.