International Patient Services

We have many programs available to international patients, to make their health care experience as comfortable as possible.For help finding the right doctor, booking travel, or getting access to the medical information you need, we are here for you.

Support And Care For Our Global Community

Our commitment to providing quality service to our international patients matches the caliber of care you expect to receive at NG Hospitals. We offer an individualized approach to serving the unique needs of our international patients before, during and after your visit.

When you work with International Medical Services to arrange your medical care, you are paired with a member of our team who is an expert in addressing your unique needs. We are committed to making each patient’s stay an exceptional experience.

Our services include providing help with the following:

  • Information about services, programs and physicians.
  • Medical cost estimates and billing arrangements.
  • Identification of a physician to meet each patient’s unique needs.
  • Appointment scheduling, including consultations and follow-up care.
  • Facilitate communications with physicians, family and friends and home.
  • Interpretation services in multiple languages.
  • Transportation and accommodation.

Remote Consultation

You will, of course, have to travel for actual treatment, but we can streamline that by giving you advice and information regardless of your current physical location.Just give us your medical details, outlining your problem and attaching reports (x-rays, CT/MRI scan, USG, pathological reports etc) or a summary of observations based on them.

We will

  • Answer your “who”, “what”, where”, “how” and “why” queries
  • Guide you for the consultant doctor
  • Share an all-inclusive cost estimate for the recommended treatment
  • Share details about the recuperation- the time period, precautions to be taken, any special requirements pertaining to diet/physiotherapy etc.