N G Hospital Pvt Ltd is a ISO Certified Hospital & 200-bed super specialty hospital dedicated to excellence in medical services at Singanallur Signal Trichy Road Coimbatore.We provide the highest quality patient-centric care ever since we first opened our doors.
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+91 98657 55568 +91 98657 55561
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Accident and Emergency Care Unit
Laproscopic Assisted Surgeries
Dialysis Unit
Endoscopy Unit
Intensive Medical Care Unit (IMCU)
Intensive Coronary Care Unit (ICCU)
Operation Theater Complex
Labour Rooms
Dental Unit
Physiotherapy Unit
Diet and Nutrition Clinic
Clinical Pharmacology
Preventive Health Checks

“Varumun Kaappom” is a wise saying in Tamil which means Prevent before the Event. Our forefathers knew the importance of pre-empting any attack before it happens. We may have advanced in many fields but their words still hold true, especially when it comes to health.

Nearly every disease has a pre-disease stage. Diagnosing diseases in this stage or even in their nascent stages enhances the chances of complete cure in most cases. Even in diseases that cannot be cured, early diagnosis makes for much better disease management resulting in better lifestyles.

Health Check Packages

Our Preventive Health Check Packages are designed to address specific concerns of people at risk of certain diseases.

The master health check up covers all basic diseases and is for general public over 40 to check for routine age related issues.